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Our Mission

  • The company mission is to assist and provide cooperation’s with academic schools to improve self-developments and educations to ensure excellent future.
  • Present employment opportunities to the graduates and high-achieving undergraduates.
  • Utilizing the expertise of experience teachers/ officers including retirees to contribute to educational benefits to the institution.
  • Exercising the proper definition of ‘Tuition School’ which is to help those students which are in need of better understanding on their limitations of certain subjects.
  • Provide varieties of teaching and learning tools incorporated with relevant theories applies to the academic purposes.
  • Prioritizing on the accomplishment of our duty to ensure the success of the students with high level of integrity, discipline and honesty rather than profit maximization. Ensuring their parents expenses are valued.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a Tuition centre with excellent level of pedigree with good integrity and reliability in nurturing students to achieve excellence and success. We are an institution run by experienced teachers, graduates, high-achieving undergraduates who are eager to pass on their experiences and expertise. Our schools have a quality control program to provide you the professional, prepared tutors who know the school modules inside out. It is Prime Tuition’s dream to instill students with the fundamental skills and core knowledge that will reward them their best possible Results in their exams.