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Preparing for SATs with Prime Tuition

Children take the SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) twice while they are in primary school. First in Year 2, after Key Stage 1 (KS1), and again in Year 6, after Key Stage 2 (KS2). Although most people refer to these standardized tests as SATs, they are called End of Key Stage Tests and Assessments.

In this extremely informative blog post, we'll be talking about the SAT exam, providing you (parents) with advice on how to ensure that your child is making efforts in the right direction, and further providing a brief overview of our program for preparing students for the SAT exam. If you're concerned about your child's preparation, you can enroll your child and feel at ease. So let's get going, shall we?

SAT scores are a measure of how far (in education) your child has been. They just display the level at which your child is currently working; they do not indicate whether or not your child is passing or failing.


Key stage 1 SATs

Teachers evaluate the KS1 examinations. As a result, there is no external marking—except on rare occasions for moderation—and the exams are typically informal to prevent students from feeling the undue strain. Children currently take math (arithmetic) and English tests (reading, spelling, punctuation, and grammar).


Key stage 2 SATs

Students appear for their second set of SATs at Key Stage 2 (KS2) Level in Year 6. Compared to the examinations given in KS1, these are more official and, in the majority of schools, contain specified exam dates as well as external markings. Exams are taken in English (reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling), mathematical reasoning, and arithmetic. 


Following is some advice that will help to improve your child's SAT scores:

Create a successful revision plan and make sure they follow it.

Revise frequently but in small gaps: It takes skill for kids to focus for 45 minutes, so don't overwhelm them. Teach your child to study each topic for at least 25 minutes then taking a short break.

Consider doing SAT practice tests: Practice tests will go a long way toward acquainting your child with the kinds of questions they might encounter.

Maintain a positive outlook: Yes, the SATs are crucial, but worrying excessively over your child's upcoming exams may not be beneficial for their mental health.


Looking for private tuition for your child?

Preparing for SATs in the right manner is essential to score well in the exams and we believe with the right guidance from our experienced teachers at Prime Tuition, there’s nothing that can stop your child from enjoying the perks of scoring good grades.

At Prime Tuition, each lesson will be taught to your child focusing on their requirement. During the session, we will cover all SATS content categories, correct homework, administer exams, grade the student's work, and address any questions they may have.

After the content preparation is finished, we at Prime Tuition evaluate each student's performance. To assess their development and results, we will also undertake a mock exam in March which will highlight the strengths and flaws of the student.

Since we consistently achieve 100% SAT results, most parents prefer Prime Tuition (you can read testimonials for a better understanding). Therefore, you can join us if you want your child to advance more quickly and receive a better grade.


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