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Learning Never Stops!

How to keep learning throughout Covid-19?

Prime Tuition offers tuition for KS1 to A-level in Science, Maths, English, 11+, 13+ and many more!


Learning does not have to be limited to a classroom, especially during this Crucial time of COVID 19,

learn whenever and wherever you want!

Prime Tuition is now supporting our students and parents through the phase when the country is in 'lockdown'

Everyone at Prime Tuition is passionate about helping young people achieve their potential and serving our community and as such we have moved swiftly to ensure that there is a degree of continuity of learning. Whilst we, as educators, fully recognize that the online, virtual world cannot fully replicate the real, physical world, we also believe that it is highly critical to continue to support our students during these challenging times.

Prime Tuition 's Teachers and staff welcome all of our students and parents to engage with the 'Virtual Learning ' as we offer this support to our students and aim to support their ongoing learning journey whilst staying safe and well in the comfort of their homes.

Dear Parents/carers,

As we all are passing through the most difficult times of human race can imagine, the need for a least disruptive study track and maintenance of pre-obtained skills of our beloved children is the most imminent and never ending. We understand fully the worries of parents whose children are struggling at home or are not following the normal track of academic progress as they would be under normal circumstances. Therefore, we have devised a study plan for students of all ages and year groups which is comprehensive and multi-dimensional, adaptable to individual capabilities and requirements.

Why should my child in primary take extra online lessons?

The studies worldwide show that Primary Education serve as a backbone in personality building. It is the founding stone on which the whole structure of knowledge and wisdom is built. While the children are out of the schools for an indefinite period of time, it’s very important that the regular cycle of learning and assessment is not broken in any case. Every child must obtain the help they need according to their individual needs not only in the shape of group lectures which are delivered simultaneously, not taking in consideration the possible individual areas of struggle for different children. At Prime Tuition, we aim to provide 1-1 or small group lessons tailored to the individual abilities and requirements to keep kids’ learning at track.

11+Plus /13+ entrance exam Preparation:

The Entrance Exams for most Grammar and Private Schools are not likely to be postponed and are expected to be held in September/October 2020—January 2021. This is a tremendously life changing event for any child. The test can be conducted online or in post if not in person as they occur always in case the Pandemic outbreak does not slow down. So, it is highly advisable to continue preparation and stay ready for any upcoming tests. In the worst scenario when there would be no possibility of tests, children will secure their places through estimated grades and previous grades but they must be strong enough academically in order to compete with other children joining secondary or higher-secondary schools and adjust in the incredibly challenging academic atmosphere of Grammar or Private Schools and not to become a back-bencher.

Secondary School Tuition:

The curriculum for secondary classes is very aggressive and challenging in particular for Core Subjects as English-Mathematics and Science. The children face a new world of study every day and every new topic is different and more challenging than the previous one. The children must continue their studies and extra learning at home to cope with the burden of extra work and progress steadily. We aim to provide lessons that will help them learn and practice the new topics individually according to their own capability and requirement and stay ready to join back the school with the same strength and vigour.

Higher Secondary Tuition:

To join a college or higher secondary education institution is a turning point of life for any student and everyone wants to secure a place in their desired six forms. The students who could not sit the Summer-2020 (unfortunately) will receive predicted grades which might not be acceptable for everyone as thy have worked hard to improve their results.

The student will have a chance to sit the Exam in autumn 2020/January 2021 or Summer 2021, if they were not happy with their predicted grades. We are ready to help our students and will continue to teach them online to be ready for any upcoming challenge and have a chance to change their fate.

We will also provide lessons for those who are happy with their predicted grades and want to be ready to face the thriving and dynamic challenges of higher education. It is crucial for the to not break the cycle of regular learning and practicing in order to shine in a totally different world of college and attain the desired grades in A-Levels to secure the careers they and their families wish for them.

We are with you always at every step of child’s learning whatever the circumstances would be. We will not let their efforts and struggles be wasted and maintain their academic levels and progress.