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Year 6 SATS Preparation

All Year 6 students must sit in SATS Exams at the end of Year-6. These exams usually happen every year in second week of May. At prime Tuition we fully prepare all of our Year 6 students for SATS exam which covers the entire content of National Curriculum. We offer crash revisions and SATS past paper practice to boost the confidence level of our students. They also learn different techniques, how to handle exams. We also offer Free Booster Lessons to all of our Year-2 and Year-6 Students to prepare their SATS exam and to enhance their final grades to above the National Standard UK.

Currently we have 100% SATS Success rate with 96% students achieving above standard results.

Year 2 SATS Preparation

Our Math’s lesson covers

In Math’s Lessons, we develop students’ knowledge and understanding of mathematics through academic tutoring, exploration and explanation. They learn how to count, to do addition, subtraction and number patterns. They develop a range of mental calculation skills and use these confidently in different settings. They begin to understand mathematical language, using methods and explain their reasoning when solving problems.

Our English lesson covers

For English, our program ensures that work in ‘speaking and listening’, ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ is integrated. We teach pupils learn to speak confidently and listen to what others have to say. They begin to read and write independently and with enthusiasm. They use language to explore their own experiences and imagination.

Student will go through with the set number of topics in each lesson. Average teaching time during one lesson is two hours which includes explanation of topics, marking students’ class work, correction in homework and a mini test is also given to assess students’ progress after completion of each unit/chapter.


Any lessons students attend at Prime Tuition; our Tutors give them a reasonable amount of homework to be completed at home. All students are required to complete their homework without help of parents/siblings.

Parents Meeting

Parents/guardian can book an appointment every 8 weeks to discuss the student’s lessons plan, current progress, target grades or any concern related to student’s learnings with the tutor, supervisors or head of department.

Student Diary Page/Feedback

Parents/guardian can read the student diary page which contains information of every lesson a student attend at PRIME TUITION. A detailed feedback is given by tutor as an outcome of each lesson a student attend which include, classwork, homework, student behavior during lesson and if attempted any assessment/test.

Progress tests

At Prime Tuition, we assess student’s progress after completion of every unit/chapter, there are two mock exams during each academic year to examine the detail progress and outcome of student’s learning which highlights student’s strength, weakness and any targets set for next term.