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At Key Stage 3, Students are being taught according to national curriculum of their first three years (7-9) in secondary schools. At this stage students are required to get a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence towards the preparation of their GCSEs.

We cover following subjects for KS3 tuition

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • 13+ Exams Preparations

At Prime Tution

Over 93% of our students get at-least grades 9 to 7 (A*-A) in their GCSE exams if they join us at Key Stage 3

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We provide Tuition lessons every day after school and on weekends for all major subjects. Our subject coordinators build bespoke syllabus, which is fully aligned with the national curriculum, and enriched with key techniques to excel students in academic progress. The courses at KS3 are designed to ensure that students grasp the new topics easily and fill any gaps or weaknesses in their knowledge at this stage. Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced who are passionate to help students to learn, understand and progress beyond their knowledge

At Prime, students in Key Stage 3 can also prepare for 13 plus entrance exams.

Key Stage 3 pupils, we provide:
  • • Regular Lessons of mathematics, English, Science and 13+
  • • Group lessons or one-to-one Lessons
  • • Assessments to check levels and progress
  • • Homework after every lesson
  • • 13 Plus lessons for Private school Entrance Exams for Year 9 admissions


For Year 9 students gearing up to GCSEs, we make every effort to ensure that student knowledge is sound. It’s imperative that students develop the skills and urgency required to take on GCSEs with confidence, and we also support them with advice such as how to pick GCSE options.

What we Teach at KS3


Our aim is to create a confident attitude to mathematics and to develop, maintain and stimulate students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in mathematics. At the end of each Unit there will be a summative test based on the work covered. Performance in each topic will be recorded by the pupil so individual targets may be set for improvement.

Maths includes
  • Algebra
  • Shapes
  • Numbers
  • Data Handling
  • Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Problem solving


We aim to engage, excite and extend pupils’ literary perspectives through a varied curriculum, rich in contemporary and classic fiction, media and non-fiction texts. we set out to create as many opportunities as possible for our students to use their imaginative and creative skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening tasks.

English includes
  • Reading & comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Grammar & vocabulary
  • Spelling & handwriting
  • Fiction and non-fictions texts of language
  • Writing to express opinion or argument
  • Reading Literature eg, Shakespeare


KS3 the foundation for GCSEs. Our objective is to cover the fundamental knowledge required for them to be successful at their GCSEs. Students will explore the biological, chemical and physical aspects of sciences of KS3 foundation and KS3 Higher.

Science includes
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Physics