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Epidemic and Pandemic Policy

Implementing Protective Measures in Education & Childcare Settings
Opening Schools & other Educational Settings

Policy Statement

In light of the current pandemic, Prime Tuition intends to use this policy to provide precautionary measures to minimise the risk of disease transmission in their settings. The policy has been developed in light of the guidance shared by the government for Educational & Childcare settings.


1. Children

  • Only children who are symptom free or have completed the required isolation (in line with NHS guidelines) should attend the setting.
  • Prime Tuition will consider taking temperatures of children on arrival (via a non-contact thermometer) and risk assessing through discussion for returning children.
Distancing / grouping
  • Children will be allocated their group and given designated rooms within the setting. Wherever possible these groups should not mix during the day so that contact with others is minimised
  • Children in their group will wherever possible have the same staff team for them to limit the amount of people coming into contact with each other.
Wellbeing and education
  • Children will be supported in age appropriate ways to understand the steps they can take to keep themselves safe including regular hand washing, coughing into an elbow, using a tissue and adopting a catch it, kill it, bin it regime.
  • Children will be supported to understand the changes and challenges they may be encountering as a result of COVID-19 and staff need to ensure they are aware of children’s attachments and their need for emotional support at this time.

2. Parents

Physical distancing
  • Only parents who are symptom free and / or have completed the required isolation period will be able to drop off or collect their child.
  • When parents are waiting to drop off or collect their child, social distancing should be maintained. As such, only one parent should be at the entrance at a time, all other parents should form a queue in the available space in the driveway.
  • As far as possible parents/guardian should not enter the setting.
  • Parents will only be allowed in the setting where prior appointment has been made and only in the office to discuss any matters with respect to their child. Social distancing rules will apply.
  • In specific cases where a child is distressed and a parent is required to enter the setting to assist in settling the child, we will seek to ensure minimal contact between the parent and other children and staff members whilst also where possible conducting this outdoors.
  • Parents should inform the management if their child is not attending and if there is any change of circumstances, this is in line with our safeguarding policy.
  • Parents should ensure that Prime Tuition have an accurate email address and phone number, as the management will in the first instance seek to communicate with parents via email.
  • Prime Tuition will provide clear communication in respect of any updates to our policies or any material changes in respect of the educational & childcare provision in line with the government guidelines.

3. Staff

  • Staff should only attend if they are symptom free, have completed the required isolation period or achieved a negative test result. All staff and their household are eligible for testing if they display symptoms.
  • Staff temperatures may be taken on arrival and returning staff will be required to complete a health questionnaire
  • Staff hours, days they work, job roles and length of day may change in order to meet organisation’s demands and considerations within this policy.
  • Staff to be informed of measures in place and sign a disclaimer to state they have read and understood the updated policy and procedures.
Physical distancing
  • Staff members should avoid physical contact with each other including handshakes, hugs etc.
  • Wherever possible staff should travel to the workplace alone, using their own transport or if possible walk.
  • Where use of public transport is necessary, current guidance on the use of public transport available on the TFL must be followed.

4. Visitors

  • Attendance to the premises will be restricted to only children and staff as far as practically possible. Visitors will not be permitted into the premises unless essential (i.e. emergency maintenance work).
  • Where visits are required (i.e. prospective parents viewings) these will be conducted outside of the usual operational hours.

5. Hygiene

  • All children and staff must wash their hands thoroughly upon arrival and departure from the Prime Tuition.
  • Children and staff members will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently, this includes before and after eating food, after visiting the toilet or common areas, after sneezing, blowing their nose or coughing into their hand or dealing with any unwell child.
  • An enhanced cleaning schedule will be implemented that includes furniture, surfaces, stationaries and other equipment. All staff are responsible in their area of work.
  • Communal areas, touch points and hand washing facilities will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.
  • No food will be permitted from outside temporarily.
  • Staff will carry out a daily risk assessment before opening to address any risks from the virus, ensuring sensible measures are in place to control risks.
  • Windows will be kept open where possible to ensure good levels of ventilation.
  • Children will not be permitted to go outside during the breaks, it applies to all age now (previously only KS1 & KS2 students weren’t allowed).
  • During breaks, all children will stay in their designated areas supervised by members of staff.
  • The government guidance is that PPE is not required for general use in childcare/educational settings to protect against COVID-19 transmission
  • If a child shows symptoms, staff should wear a face mask, visor, disposable gloves, and apron if a 2-metre distance cannot always be maintained.
  • PPE will be disposed of following government guidelines.
Responding to a suspected case
  • In the event of a child developing suspected COVID-19 symptoms whilst attending the setting, they should be collected as soon as possible and isolate at home in line with the current NHS guidance.
  • Whilst waiting to be collected, the child should be isolated from others in an identified area with a staff member from their room. This area should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after the child has been collected. The staff member may consider wearing the appropriate PPE as outlined above.
  • The staff member who supported the unwell child does not need to go home unless they are developing symptoms themselves.
  • In the event of a staff member developing suspected COVID-19 symptoms whilst working at the workplace, they should return home immediately and isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance whilst also following the appropriate testing advice for themselves and their household

6. Monitoring of this policy

This policy will be reviewed regularly by the setting manager / director in line with practical experiences, new government guidance and the continually changing environment. The policies will be updated appropriately when required or informed.