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If you’re wondering whether to send your child to an independent or grammar school, you may have already started hearing about the 11+ (11 plus) exam. As a leading tuition center in London for 11 plus preparation for your child, Prime Tuition serves the best learning experience for children studying to sit the 11 plus exam.


What is an 11+ Exam?

The 11+ is a selective entrance examination to get admission into secondary school. It is used by both private schools and state-funded grammar schools to identify the children who are the most academically able. Children can take this exam during year 6 ( between September to January) of primary school.


What does it test?

The structure and content of the 11+ exam might vary depending on different areas of the country. However, the general focus of the exam remains the combination of the following four subjects:

       1. English

       2. Math

       3. Verbal reasoning

       4. Non-verbal reasoning


Even though Math and English are common subjects thought in the national curriculum, the level of these subjects is intense like secondary school, while verbal and non-verbal reasoning subjects are not a part of primary schools’ curriculum. Therefore, student need guidance and practice.


Does your child need to take the 11+ exam?

11+ is not a compulsory test leaving the decision up to you to decide if you want your kid to apply to a grammar/independent school. You can always look for more information and decide whether your child should give the exam or not.


How do I know if 11+ is suitable for my child?

The test identifies the most academically able children for admission into grammar schools. You can consider the following questions to determine the same:

     1. Is your kid academically gifted?

     2. Is their school performance reports consistently well above average?

     3. Does the kid’s teacher feel that passing the 11+ is an achievement?


How to prepare your child for the 11+ exam?

Preparing your child for the 11+ exam with the correct methods and techniques can be rather a daunting prospect. Therefore, you can always rely on Prime Tuition as your child’s best partner in preparation for the 11+ exam. With in-depth knowledge and experience of making kids succeed in this feat, we will ensure that your kids ace it too.


We prepare the children academically and in terms of their exam technique. Ideally, this indicates that your kid will start developing subject knowledge and skills with the best. Also, our programme is a structured learning one ensuring a unique and targeted approach to exam preparation. Above all, our qualified teachers work along with the kids and are well-versed with the exam requirements.


So, if you are looking for the best 11 plus preparation Tuition or tutors, Prime Tuition is the one. With a team of qualified teachers and a unique learning approach, we strive to ensure the best 11+ preparation for your child.




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