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Even the brightest students can find themselves academically underperforming at times. However, it is not always their fault. Whenever students find themselves in such situations, it is because they are stuck in a rut and unsure about how to improve further.

If this sounds like you, the first thing you need to do is: explore why you are underperforming, then move on to tackle the problem. So, here are a few tips for improving your performance in GCSE and A levels preparation.

Organize – The key to success

To formulate a realistic path to improving your performance, organising can be the key to success. Organisation can be an important tool for staying motivated and keeping the goal always in sight. Know how much time you have, break down your subjects and topics, prioritise them, allocate time slots, and ensure that you get plenty of breaks while studying. And you’re all set to go.

Variety – The spice of life

Revision means looking back at something which can be inherently repetitive. Therefore, to combat any potential monotony, you should ensure that you use a variety of strategies while you consolidate your class notes. Also, revision should be active and not passive. Revision tricks such as highlighting test your recalling skills. So, you can always go for different ways/ resources to test your learning while revising and not be monotonous.

Marathon – Don’t go for a sprint

Cramming is ineffective – it is not only a short-term solution for a long-term problem but also helps in greatly increasing students’ stress levels. GCSE and A-level are not linear and not modular. This makes it crucial for students to practice and apply their knowledge and skills over time. Therefore, do not mug things up rather understand them and apply.

What do the examiners want?

Always consider your examiner's perspective, past paper patterns and marking schemes. You can also look at the examiner’s reports to understand what they want from you. These can help you in avoiding obvious mistakes, pitfalls, and traps that students tend to make knowingly or unknowingly. Alongside, you get to know in detail what the examiners want in each question. You also get strategic hints on how to achieve the best grades.

Ask for help – Go for it

Lastly, always remember to keep a growth mindset. Say, “I can do it” and stick to it. And, whenever you think of yourself being unsure about anything, make sure to seek help sooner rather than later. It can be tempting for students to stay in their comfort zone, but denial can be counterproductive. Also, with Prime Tuition, you can unlock your true potential and ability.

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